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CashRichMoney Has Announced its Launching of a Slick Brand New Affordable Web Hosting Design


CashRichMoney Has Announced its Launching of a Slick Brand New Affordable Web Hosting Design

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CashRichMoney re-designed their website creating an easy to use interface and providing a directed approach for customers to enjoy, and surf the website.


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Following the recent trend in changes to improve visibility, customer enjoyability, and improved service, CashRichMoney has decided to perform a 360 turnaround by implementing a slick new innovative Website design.

In comparison to the former design, the new interface makes it easier to surf, read, and click on each web hosting provider. The remarkable interface creates a unique experience for consumers by separating and discussing each web hosting company which is shown on the site. There is also a brand new press release section which has commingled and blended extremely nicely with the rest of the site.

The old design caused an uproar amongst visitors. Congested content, and hard-to-view interface made it difficult for the casual surfer to find out more about each web hosting provider. This took away from the overall experience and enjoyment of CashRichMoney.

"I love the new design, the colors are much warmer, the new logo ensures credibility for a growing company, and I've been impressed with the layout and distinctiveness of each sole web hosting company. They've managed to keep the integrity, heart and soul of the company without damaging its reputation." - Lawrence Tin, Free Lance website design analyst

CashRichMoney has also stated a new forum will be launched soon to help mainstay visitors ask each other and moderators questions and get assistance regarding the website and web hosting packages.

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