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The Homepage Creator You Can Learn and Use for Easy Homepage Development

title:The Homepage Creator You Can Learn and Use for Easy Homepage Development

author:Jay Peterson


date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Creating your own website allows you reach a market and audience. If you have a business, maintaining a website is like opening your shop’s doors to the world. Its like you have built stores all over the world for easy access to your customers.

When building a website, your homepage should get a tremendous amount of attention. Here you can show in a nutshell your professionalism and dedication. If you can impress your prospective clients from your homepage, you will have a great chance of making the loyal customers and clients.

What you will need is not an extensive training in website development, with a good homepage creator tool, you can easily develop your own professional looking homepage easily.

A homepage creator is a tool or software that allows you create your own homepage. The basic requirements for a website software includes the following: the tools can immediately create images in varying sizes that fits the screen, can efficiently modify images and site pages strategically where you need it to, can edit texts and graphics with ease, with customizable templates that can be easily accessed; and most especially, generates html codes like the real pro. Though if you are familiar with html codes, then you can make a website with the use of basic tools also; but if not, a homepage creator that generates codes in an instant will be quite handy to have around.

There are hundreds to thousands of homepage creator tools available on the web, the ones presented here belongs to the most popular and commonly used from among the rest:

Microsoft FrontPage

The Microsoft Front Page ( is one of the most popular website creation and management tool that you can use to help you create flawless websites that are highly interactive and functional, like a true web designer. They are equipped with features and functions designed to help you build professional and interactive websites that will be the envy of your peers and competitors alike such as data processing, design tools, custom templates, scripting and coding tools, and publishing tools for you to make the task of designing and building websites easy and fun.

The Microsoft FrontPage tool is designed to provide additional help and flexibility in creating websites fast. With features and functions set to put that professional designer in you working all out which is a pre-requisite to making attractive and interesting websites in an instant.


Capable of generating high quality and high-resolution images, the Dreamweaver ( is considered the exclusive tool of professional web designers. It features complete editing system for web templates and internal html coding for different types of website building application – indeed, a must-have tool for those who are already into website creation.

But do not worry; the Macromedia Dreamweaver is also designed to help beginners like you to create multi-functional websites and pages. They feature defined templates, layout options, coding features, and basic website administration tools that will make operation a breeze to do even for you. Likewise it supports and guides users to learn new skills and applied knowledge with regards to website creation.

Also, there are relatively more home page creator tools you can find online that enable you to create graphical websites the way you want, and it would be to your best benefit if you stick to the guidelines when choosing which tool to go for:

1) It has to be user-friendly and functional.

2) Necessary accessories (these are the bits and pieces needed in website creation) should be there too such as images and graphics, editing applications, html generator and the likes.

3) Ready-made templates that you can use for your website or homepage at that, enabling you to come up with the right image that you want your website to sport.