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Superior to Dreamweaver

title:Superior to Dreamweaver?

author:Adam Buhler


date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



I've heard a lot of good comments regarding Macromedia's Dreamweaver site building tool.

Does anyone use Site Build It!?, It's a website building tool that includes hosting and allows you to research profitable keywords, run a search engine optimization test, build beautiful graphics, automatically and periodically submit each page individually to the search engines, and it handles everything for you.

There is no required knowledge of HTML code, CGI script or javascript, all of this is handled automatically, all that is required is that you input the text information, (for example, paste in an article) and it is built right before your eyes.

I'm currently researching a few promising ideas using Site Build It's keyword research tool and plan to develop a few mini-sites in the near future, I don't have any experience using Dreamweaver but I have heard a lot about it which makes me wonder if it stacks up well to Site Build It!.

So if there are any Site Build It! users out there, let me know, and to Dreamweaver users, details on Site Build It! can be found at: . I'm interested to know if the two products are similar.