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Stopping All The Talk And Getting Readers To Read

title:Stopping All The Talk And Getting Readers To Read

author:Florie Lyn Masarate


date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Majority of salesperson talk too much. That is what they are there for and that is their trade. Oftentimes, this technique of non-stop talking can be quite effective. People get interested by what the salesperson is rambling about and some even get some new and fresh ideas from the. Most of the time though, with many already trying to talk people into getting their products and services, people get tired of listening and simply ignore these salespeople. Not all people like to listen to same things over and over again. Also, not all have the patience to try to pretend listening even for just a few minutes. If you want people to take notice, putting something in printing would be more effective than talking about it.

It is said that 80 percent out of 100 would rather talk than listen to someone talking. So that leaves the remaining 20 percent who really listen. If you think about it, would you rather read about something than have someone talk about it for you?

Many buyers try to listen closely most are not actually listening closely enough to take them all in. The many statements and promises tend to overwhelm them if they are given all at the same time. Putting them into brochures or catalogs give them a choice when to read the information. They can either spare some time for them or try to give a bit of attention during free times when they do not have to think of anything else. It is important to think that the busiest of people want some time to breathe and relax for awhile when they are not working. And it is during these times that they may remember having been given one of these print materials. With clear minds and a lot of space to think things over, they may enjoy what you have presented in these printing materials and get to browse through them leisurely without pressure. Without having to squeeze them all in mind for fear that they might forget later on.

It is most effective to try putting statements and questions together. Asking a question initially, even if the answer is a simple yes or no, can have the readers involve almost immediately in what you are talking about. Even if they are not aware of it, they tend to have some answers in their mind upon seeing a question. It does not matter if the answer is positive or negative. As long as it formulates an answer, then it is altogether a successful way in getting through your readers.

The trick in getting an probable response from your readers is to be able to get them involved in what you are into. People, being self-centered only want the attention to themselves. Sometimes having others beside yourself think and talk is a good way to attain positive results. What better way to tell them than to have them read it, on their own and in their own time?


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