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Reseller Web Hosting Plan Choosing A Right Reseller And A Proper Plan

title:Reseller Web Hosting Plan - Choosing A Right Reseller And A Proper Plan

author:Andy Lewis


date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Reseller web hosting plan is an easy business from web hosting bandwagon. It is but splitting up the drive space and bandwidth to give resellers resources so that they can provide the services that a major web hosting company provides even if they don’t know much technicalities of hosting.

If you are going to subscribe space and bandwidth from giant web hosting companies -, you should know to manage web server services through control panels, though your dedicated server does most of the maintenance task. As a part of marketing you can plan alluring resellers with different hosting packages. You can also use some reseller hosting programs and GUI control panels that will enable your clients to manage their web resources.

Once you have the space, bandwidth and hosting programs, you will deal with add/remove accounts on a server, point domains, control bandwidth, manage disk space and more.

Dealing in reseller web site hosting plan you might have offer more space and bandwidth then a regular shared web hosting -, plan. Web hosting is very competitive business that your success depends on the performance of your dedicated server. Cheaper reseller hosting to win the price war may sometimes be dangerous in case of a long time downtime. Because most of the web resources today are dynamic where the profit may depend on the search engine rankings.

Offering multiple domain names on a shared hosting account can one of the value additions to your reseller hosting package. Other selling points of your service can be flexible packages in terms of space and price, and options to upgrade space over time. Because a successful client will need more space after some time.

Before you dive into reseller web hosting plan -, make sure to:

• Choose a reliable host

• Offer flexible web hosting packages in terms of price and space

• Offer user-friendly Control Panel to the clients

• Handle customer queries fast