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How The Eyes Follow Graphic Designs

title:How The Eyes Follow Graphic Designs

author:Florie Lyn Masarate


date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Graphic designs soothe the eyes of the readers. This is what one author said before in commercializing a booklet. It is also said that “eye movement focusing” is achieved by the arrays of graphic objects that are imminent on a page. This is in synchronization with how the product or service is being presented and style with which it is being shown.

The idea of using graphic designs to guide the readers from one item to item is based on the eye movement that the readers make when looking at something. It is said that the readers’ attention is being gently led from one picture to another until finally all items are seen. This is the style that most merchandisers use in their printing materials. They focus on putting on more graphic design to be able to attract the readers to go over all that is written and drawn. It can be said that with many people using this strategy, those that stick with just words and fonts tend to ignored and predicted as something boring. Lacking in graphic design in prints make the readers conclude ahead without even trying to read what is being said.

One of the styles that is used by designers is to depict a picture or design as large in a page then the next would be composing of small ones. This starts the readers perception of what they will see next. It does not matter if they go from left to right or top to bottom. The point is their eyes have seen initially and that they would continue on to look and scan the nest pages for pictures.

The shape of a page is also given an attention. It can be round and made with edges on the sides. The main thing is for the merchandise to appear in an order that will guarantee its visibility. No matter what the shape is, it should always focus on product or merchandise. It would be better if the shape could complement what is being presented. That way, looking at them would not be too much of a task. And at a simple glance, the readers would be able to determine what they are about and become interested instantly. If the paper appears strong and very directional, it will be more helpful in directing the attention of the customer.

Photography is the tool that makes first impressions to the customers. Whether it is the texture, color or design, they serve as a way to guiding them into the whole spread. Photos and graphic designs are the prime source of credibility too. No wonder they work in prints and on the readers.

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