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Article Submitter Pro Review

title:Article Submitter Pro Review

author:Joseph Tierney


date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



If you have ever submitted articles to gain website popularity, then you know how long the pain-staking process takes. Well, there is a new automatic article submitting software that was just released last week called Article Submitter Pro. This software automatically formats your articles, rotates bio boxes, and converts the articles from text to HTML - whatever the article directory requires.

I submitted an article last week titled "The Truth - Adsense Click Fraud Can Not be Stopped" to less than half of the directories in Article Submitter Pro. The process took me roughly 20-25 minutes. As of right now my article has been picked up 55 times in Google, 32 times in Yahoo!, and 739 times in MSN. MSN updates faster than the other search engines so I am expecting the others to increase soon. These are real results that I have received using the Article Submitter Pro software.

Each of the websites that picked up my article has my bio box at the bottom with my link in it and the anchor text that I requested. As you can see I am targeting the keyword phrase "Auction Fraud Protection". Not all of the websites let you include HTML formatting, so your link will only appear in this way, but this still gives you PageRank.

Article Submitter Pro also has a great feature that grabs your article off of a website. This is useful if you have already submitted your article and you want to go and grab it off of a website that has picked it up already. After grabbing the article, you can easily convert it to text and HTML in a snap.

You may have seen the software package Article Announcer that was released in June. Honestly, Article Announcer and Article Submitter Pro have basically the same features, but Article Submitter Pro is the smarter purchase.

Why is it a smarter purchase?

1. Article Submitter Pro is an instant download so you can get started immediately. With the Article Announcer package you have to wait for the man in the brown truck to arrive with your package. Some people have been seeing delays of 3 weeks for delivery.

2. Article Submitter Pro is adding many of the user-requested features. I just received an update (one week after release) with a new feature that has been requested by a Article Submitter Pro user. You can submit the features that you would like to see in future releases of the software.

3. Article Submitter Pro is less than half of the price of Article Announcer.

I recommend you purchase this software if you write and submit articles to make your website popular (The easiest way unless you want to pay an arm and a leg!)

You will definetly increase your search engine rankings, backlinks, and website traffic overall even if you just use Article Submitter Pro one time. Imagine submitting one article per day? The results are endless.