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What makes a web design superb


What makes a web design superb?

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Web designing is a huge canvass especially made for designers. It takes artistic passion and outstanding diligence to come up with one superb web design.

What therefore is superb web design? Simply, it is a web design tat catches the attention of the target visitors. Nonetheless, it does not stop there. It lingers in a way that visitors keep coming for more.

A superb web design is both excellent in form and function. Form delves into the aesthetic side of the wed site. Principles of art and the innate skill of the designer are the keys to achieve its excellence.

On the other hand, function is the meat of the web site. Every visitor has his or her own purpose in visiting your page. Usually, the reason is to research or to be acquainted with your products and services. Function must be complete and fulfilling. If there is information that needs to be divulged, say it. But the more powerful way to say it is by touching the heart through persuasion.

To be specific, here are some of the rules of thumb in web design:

1. Do not center everything. The same will just result to a scattered and disorganized look. Try to maximize space. It is there to serve a function. Do not overlook that function.

2. Applying contrast can be your designing edge. Contrast can be applied with color, size, value and weight of an image. Contrast has something to do with the clearness, brightness and volume of an image, logo or graphics.

3. Sections must be separated. The contents must be easy to read. To distinguish one section from the other, you can use thin line, borders or light colors. Another option is to use blank ‘buffer zones’ which is somewhat similar to the concept of borders the only difference is that invisible lines are made to separate the parts of a page.

4. To make your page functional, make certain that the information is tight and full. Proofread, edit and edit more.

Excellent form plus function makes an excellent web site.