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The Characteristics of Flash Professional 8


The Characteristics of Flash Professional 8

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Flash Professional 8 is a great animation program, that has many features to itís name. Some of the parts of this program are the filters, blend modes, bitmap catching and custom easing control.


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The filters help in creating more compelling designs with the help of built-in filter effects like drop shadow, blur, gradient level, glow, level and color adjust. Filters are actually visual effects that are applied in MovieClips and in text fields, being at the same time natively supported and rendered in real time by Flash Player. The FlashType is a revolutionary new font rendering engine that provides clear, highest-quality font rendering. It helps in making small fonts look very clear, and at the same time, greatly improves the readability of the font. There are various options available here for choosing the font rendering, with each options being optimized for different case uses. The best way of optimizing font rendering here is by using the new custom anti-aliasing feature, found in Flash Professional 8. Then there are the blend modes. This is something that Flash Professional 8 offers over what other design tools offer. Here one has control over blend modes, thus allowing graphical effects to composite for full dynamic user inactivity. The control over the velocity of animated objects is easy and custom easing in the Flash Professional 8. It provides for independent control over position, scale, color, filters and rotation. There is also an improved text tool here that allows one to resize a text field using four new and improved text handles.

In Flash Professional 8, there is also the re-rendering of vector objects, simply by flagging an object as a bitmap. Thus the object gets cached as a bitmap, where the vector data is maintained in such a way that at any point, the object can be converted back into a vector again. With enhanced stroke properties, Flash Professional 8 also provides one with a choice from a variety of cap and join types. One just has to apply a gradient to a stroke and give better stroke intersections with stroke hinting to the animation. Lastly, one has an advanced gradient control in Flash Professional 8 that gives tighter control over gradients.