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Stuck with a generic business card


Stuck with a generic business card?

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Then it is time to add some spice to it.

Business cards are the most popular marketing tool for any business, big or small. But their familiarity can oftentimes result to it being overlooked or under-utilized when advertising strategies are implemented.

Here are some ways on making some “make-overs”:

Use your mind to “pinch” the existing card. Add a sticker, write your name or a discount offer on the back, emphasize your guarantee, use fancy scissors to dress up the edges, or put a hole in the card. Anything you can do to personalize your business card will increase its chances of being kept and remembered.

Wrap up your card imaginatively. Use removable adhesive to stick it inside a classy note card or deliver your business card with style in an attractively wrapped box for immediate impact.

With the business card presentations, apply some memorable actions. Handing your business card to someone with both hands, for example, is a simple way to add psychological importance to the card. Learning a magic trick using business cards or using an unusual business card case are also effective tactics.

Also try to consider:

Adding more color to your cards. The vast majority of cards are printed in black ink on white card stock. Use colored card stock and your card is immediately more noticeable than 90% of your competitor’s cards.

Printing more than one card. Many entrepreneurs accomplish more than one role, own more than one business, or use business cards in different situations. It is not a good idea to try and put all information into a single card.

Use your business card not only as a marketing tool but as a means of conveying contact information. Design a business card that explains what you do and why someone should hire you to do it.

For many people, an address is not anymore an essential information on a business card. The space for that one could be best utilized by putting on your benefits, store hours and other guarantee.

You do not have to wait for someone to tell you to go and change your cards. No other better time than today to have a look at your business cards and plan the changes you can do with them to better improve your changes of being recognized.

You just might be missing out on the bigger things business cards can do for your business.

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