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Reasons why you should have a Weblogger installed on your web site


Reasons why you should have a Weblogger installed on your web site

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What you can get from your web stats.


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I don't know about you, but when I built my first web site three

years back I don't know anything about the webloggers. One day

when I checking the features of my web host control panel (after

two months of uploading my first home page) I saw the link

'Webstats'. That was the first time I get to know that I can know

how many people are comming to my site.

For few days I was thrilled to know about this. One day I did a

search on 'web stats' on Altavista. In the search results I came

across very good software that tells a lot more about a site

statistics. So I installed a free script on my site.

From till then to now I am using my webloggers to refine my web

site links and tracking the ad campaigns etc.

So here are few uses, why you need a weblogger and how to use it:

***1. How many people are coming to your site:

This is an average number of visitors your web site is receiving

hourly, daily or monthly. By this you can know how your web site

is doing by all means. Are the visitors are targeted or not is not the

question at this stage. Everymonth your number of visitors are increasing

means you are doing a good job as a webmaster.

***2. From where they are coming(referers):

You can know from where or from which page the visitor is coming though

this is not so in all cases. You can know which search engine or which

affiliate sending you most of your visitors.

***3. What pages they are visiting most:

With your weblogger you can know which page getting maximum hits from

search engines, which page frequently revisited by your visitors etc.

If you find one, you can keep your main product link on these web pages.

Offer a discount price for your product.

***4. How many pages they are visiting:

This tells you stickiness of your web site. How much time your visitor

is going to spent depends on his intention to visit your site. If he

comes with a search term 'search engine optimization' and he finds

a link to search engine optimization web site, he is not going to

stay long.

If he revisits to check and compare your product his stay will be

longer. So have a look on how much time each visitor is staying on

average. Take care of few things like no pop ups, keep fast loading

images, check links, good navigation. These keep your visitor a little

more time.

***5. What keywords they are using in search engines:

Very important in search engine optimization of your web pages.

See what keywords mostly used by your visitors and which web page

coming up with which keyword. Why this is important means you can check

the web page that coming up with that keyword really contain the

product they are looking for. You can also add those search words to your


***6. Which search engine sending you most traffic:

This is another good indication about your web site performance. Write

down all the search engine names and try to further optimize your pages.

***7. You can see errors like '404 file not found' error:

This tells you a bad link or wrong URLs with spelling mistakes etc on your

web pages .So that you can correct them. These error links are found as

'page not found' errors in your webloggers with the number '404'.

If people click to your 'order.htm' only to see '404 file not found' error,

you are losing a sale.

***8. Tracking your advertising campaigns:

If you start an advertising campaign you can set up a seperate landing page

for each of your campaign. You can assume that people coming to that page

are coming from that particular ad campaign.

All these are useful in improving your website look, search engine

position,refining your keywords and changing the pages that

sending your visitors away etc.