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Tools You can Use in Creating a Web 2.0 Design

Tools You can Use in Creating a Web 2.0 Design

Although Web 2.0 design is different from its predecessors,

practically the same programs are still used in creating

them. Newer versions of course have different features, but

these programs remain essentially the same.

If you would like to create your own website designs, here

are some tools that you will need.

1. Photoshop

- is probably the most ubiquitous graphics-editing software

on the entire planet. It is used by amateurs, web designers

and professional photographers alike. Since it was created

in 1987 by Thomas Knoll, it has since become the market

leader in the web design world.


- is short for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a

program used for graphics editing just like Photoshop.

Although it is not considered as a clone of Photoshop,

there has been a lot of comparison between the two. GIMP

supports a lot of Photoshop’s files and performs a lot of

tasks that Photoshop can also do. But their great

difference? GIMP is for free and Photoshop is not.

3. Illustrator

- is a vector graphics editor than can be used in creating

logos, typography and other images. Just like other

programs of its kind, it allows images to be resized

without degradation.

4. CorelDraw

- is another vector graphics editor that is widely used by

graphic designers. It has been used by professionals since

its release in 1989.

5. Flash

- is also a vector graphics editor but is more geared

towards creating animated graphics. It can also be used in

creating games and even entire websites.