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Three Tips on How to Become a Better Web Designer

Three Tips on How to Become a Better Web Designer

A good web designer is able to create great designs long

after the phenomenon called Web 2.0 has passed. It is true

that becoming good at web designing takes years of


However, it is also rooted in learning the fundamentals

well. Time has proven that the basics work and they should

always be the most important tools that any designers

should have.

Here are some basic skills that help one become a good web


1. Subtlety

- each era will have its own sense of style. Amateurs will

always exploit the new trends and use it on every occasion

possible. But this makes designs look amateurish and tacky.

Great designers, on the other hand, learn the new styles

and keep its use to a minimum.

2. Simplicity

- this is somehow connected with the first skill.

Simplicity is not making things bare and dull, but it is

making things work. A simple design will always have its

timeless appeal and it will always help new visitors of

websites navigate the site easily.

3. Willingness to Learn

- another good thing about great designers is that they

never cease to learn. For them, there is something new to

pick up everyday. The willingness to learn helps designers

stay fresh and relevant even styles and tastes have


The things listed above seem easy enough to follow.

However, things are different in the real world. There will

always be the temptation to design like the rest. But as

always, great designers will always find ways to stand out.