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How to Create a Product Box

How to Create a Product Box

Product boxes give your website’s visitors a glimpse at the

products that you sell such as books and software. It helps

in selling your products because customers prefer an image

of the product they’ll buy over simple descriptions.

There are several software out there that can automatically

generate a product box for you. This is good if you have no

time to devote in making boxes. However, it is always

better to learn things by yourself.

Want to create your own product box? Here’s how.

1. Open your favorite graphics editing software.

2. Place the images of the front and side of the box on the

working area.

3. Remember that giving the illusion of a perspective is

the key to making a convincing product box.

4. Place the front image on the right side. Skew the upper

and lower portions of it so that the left side of the image

is taller than the right.

5. Align the image of the box’s side with the left side of

the front image.

6. Skew the upper and lower portions of the side image so

that its right side is taller than the left.

7. Adjust the angles of the front and side images so that

they form a box that is seen from the corner.

8. Add a shadow or a reflection to create a 3D effect for

your image.

9. Save your work into an image format. Also make sure to

save your source file just in case you need to edit the

image in the future.