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How to Create Reflections

How to Create Reflections

Reflection is another design element that is used heavily

in Web 2.0 websites. This technique is often employed in

icons to create a 3D effect on the image.

The use of this design turns images that are otherwise

plain into visually-pleasing ones.

Want to make a 3D icon? Follow these steps:

1. Open your favorite graphics editing program.

2. Open or paste your image on the working area.

3. Create a copy of that image and place it directly where

you want to place the reflection. Remember that a

reflection is a mirror-image of the image. This is

important when making any reflections on your design.

4. Create a layer mask over a good portion of the


5. Place a gradient effect on the remaining portion of the

reflection to create the illusion of a reflection.

6. Voila! You have now created a 3D icon.

Of course, there are several ways of creating this effect.

The one that we have shown you is only one of them. You can

find a lot more tutorials on the internet that will help

you achieve this effect. Choose one that you find most


However, keep in mind to use this effect sparingly. Just as

in any kind of visual effect, overdoing your reflections

can make your overall design look tacky and unprofessional.

You donít want your design to look amateurish, right?

Subtlety is the key to creating great designs and you

should incorporate this in the designs that you make,

including creating reflections.