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Basic HTML Tags for Beginners

Basic HTML Tags for Beginners

HTML is the markup language that is predominantly used in

web pages. It is the one which tells the computer how

information contained in the page is to be displayed.

Learning how to write HTML codes is an important skill that

any web designer should have. Below is a list of the most

common HTML tags used to help beginners become familiar

with this language.

1. - are the opening and closing tags used at

the beginning and end of each HTML file.

2. - comes after the tag and it is

where information that is not displayed on the website can

be found. It includes META tags, style sheets and Java


3. - is enclosed within the HEAD tags and

it is where the title of the web page is placed.

4. - it is within these tags that the things

displayed on the website can be found.

5. - the tag stands for emphasis. It replaced the

tags which were used to make the text inside the

tags italicized.

6. - are tags used to make the text

within them bold.


- are used for headers. Placing

text within any of these tags makes the font larger or

smaller than the normal text and bold.


- placing text within these tags turns them into

a single paragraph. A single line break is automatically

added below the last line of the displayed text.